Importance of PDF Protection !

PDF is a standard format used for exchanging data and information. And for this reason PDF security has become a subject of concern as every other day we get to know the cases of PDF files and documents being copied or printed and the complete data being modified or changed without asking for authors permission.  There are many other reasons like : 

  • When you have your PC at home or in office, everybody has access to it. Then in such condition, there is requirement for protecting PDF with user password so that they can’t open it to view it.
  • When you work online, you need to secure your PDF with owner password, because there is possibility that anybody can download it and modify it according to their requirements.
  • As a student, you need to protect your assignments (in PDF format) as without protection, anybody can take print outs of your assignments and submit as their own assignment.

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As you can see above, PDF file can be protected with two types of passwords : User password and Owner password and sometimes users need to protect the PDF with both the passwords. Now the need is for a tool that will lock PDF file with both the protections, All Alone. It becomes totally illogical that one software is used for putting one type of restriction and another one is used for placing second type of restriction. Users want a software that will singlehandedly password protect a PDF file and put any and all types of restrictions on PDF document without fail.

PDF Locker ~ Amazing Tool that Protect PDF File with Complete Success! has offered such a wonderful software ~ PDF Locker, that has the qualities to be the best tool to efficiently protect PDF file with user password, owner password or both the passwords. With user password authors can easily protect PDF from opening and with owner password, PDF file can effectively be protected with all types of copying, editing, printing restrictions. And if users wish that their PDF be secured with both the passwords, they can easily do this with PDF Locker program.

Its simple and intuitive Graphical wizard allows users to lock PDF file without any kind of difficulty and efforts. Batch feature supported by PDF Lock program ensures that all the PDF files are protected with tight security in instant and swift mouse clicks and also without any modifications in the PDF content and formatting layouts. The software can easily be used to protect PDF files of all PDF 1.1 to 1.5 versions.

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Free demo version of PDF Lock program lets users to fully understand its features and functions but allows them to protect PDF file with both user and owner password. With demo edition, users don’t get the choice to select one password. To lock PDF file with your choice of protection, get the licensed only at $9

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Salient Features : Protect PDF File

  • Allows users to lock PDF file with user password or owner password or both the passwords
  • Supports batch locking of unlimited PDF files in swift approach.
  • Easy interface of the software helps users to secure PDF without any outside support.
  • After placing all the restrictions, creates new PDF file and with exact layouts and formatting.
  • Self dependent software that has no need for installing any other software for securing PDF.   
  • Compatible with all PDF versions and Windows systems.